Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sample Baby Routine for a 1-2 Month Old

!±8± Sample Baby Routine for a 1-2 Month Old

It is important that our little ones are able to develop a routine to help them through their development. Part of this is to establish a pattern of when they're supposed to sleep, eat and play, but developing such routine is of course difficult as we know. If you really want to stick to a routine for the benefit of your baby, try the suggestion below! It might help!

6am: You'll probably hear your hungry baby's cry early in the morning. Try feeding him a bottle that's around 4 ounces. When he's full, more than likely he will fall asleep again, giving you a chance to get more sleep as well.

8 to 9 am: By this time, your little one should be awake again, crying for another bottle.

9 to 11:30am: Around this time is the best time to spend quality time with your baby. Play with him, hold him and snuggle him in your arms. This will help him know that day time is a time for eating and playing, and night time for sleeping.

11:30 to 12:30pm: This is the best time to feed your baby for lunch. After feeding, he'll probably get some sleep which helps him through the development stage.

5:00pm: After a few hours of sleep, he'll probably be awake for another feeding. After finishing a bottle, he'll become active again; ready to play for a couple of hours or so.

7 to 8pm: Dinner should be served around this time and your baby should be given his dinner (bottle) too! After drinking, he'll fall asleep again, giving you time to clean up around the house.

11pm: Your baby will then again wake up hungry. You'll have to give another bottle and let him sleep soundly again. This should also be the time for you to rest, too.

2am: Another bottle should then again be given for your baby. This routine should be repeatedly done until your baby's needs have changed.

Though every baby's needs differ from one another, they should be pretty close from one another. You should be able to understand and observe your baby closely so that you'll be able to know when to feed and let him sleep. Considering this schedule won't hurt and it's especially helpful too, especially if you're a first time mother. Not only will this benefit your baby, but it will also give you enough time to rest and sleep without compromising your baby's needs.

Sample Baby Routine for a 1-2 Month Old

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